About Sophie


Hi, my name is Sophie Dubillot, I am originally from France and I am a serial yogi.

I have been practising yoga for the last 20+ years and have been as curious as a cat about the many different styles of yoga on offer…though instead of killing me, my curiosity has gotten me hooked!

I would say that my active and lively nature has drawn me towards dynamic, ‘flowey’ or strong practices, such as Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow or Jivamukti. However, I have also learned a great deal from more static, or should I say mindful, forms of yoga, like restorative or Iyengar too – especially at times of great tiredness. The deeper I go into my yoga journey, the more mindful and exploratory my practice gets. I owe very much to the great dedication of all my wonderful teachers over the years.

Yoga has been a fantastic companion to me: a lifeline during difficult or tired times, a great help when injured, always a fun and boundless exploration into its many aspects. It has helped me, like many others, accept myself as I am, and come to terms with life’s hurdles. I always feel a great joy to be on the mat and hope I can help my students feel the same. I also hope I can carry on practising until I drop dead!

Today my style reflects the variety of my interests, and my classes contain both energising sequences and some more static practices, to help you tap into your strength while switching on your replenishing mechanisms. I focus on alignment, non-competitiveness, non-harm, as I like my students to be and feel safe. The breath is always at the centre of my practice and I believe that movement should follow the breath and not the other way round.

As for training, I trained at Camyoga under the Faculty’s expertise (200 Hour Diploma in Teaching Yoga), and qualified as a Pregnancy Yoga teacher after training with the wonderful Uma Dinsmore-Tuli from WombYoga.

I am also a firm believer that once a student, always a student, and I make sure I attend the many classes, training courses and workshops that pique my interest.

I look forward to seeing you on the mat!



For more information, and to book, please contact sophie@sophiedubillot.com or phone/text 07872965105.