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Private sessions to suit your needs


I also offer private yoga sessions to suit your needs.7676636834_e4168a2043_o

Taking into consideration your own personal health and fitness level, current injuries or illness, and your deepest intentions, private yoga instruction can help you to develop a stronger, safer, smarter yoga practice, regardless of your experience or restraints. Here are a few of the key benefits of a 1-2-1:

New students: are you a new student looking to learn the fundamentals of asana (posture), alignment, breathing techniques and philosophy? Leaving the pace of the classroom behind, a private session is a great place to learn the foundations of the practice.

Taking your asana to the next level: Are you looking to challenge your practice or master a particular posture or practice? Here you can’t go wrong with private, hands on instruction and correction, allowing you to work on challenging postures until you nail them!

Therapeutics: Are you recovering from an illness or working through an injury? Knowing that your needs come first, use your yoga to heal and learn how to work within the restraints of an injury or illness in your practice, with instruction that is specifically targeted to your injured or therapeutic needs.

Whatever your intention, remember that within the realm of the private practice, sometimes you don’t need a reason beyond your simple desire to practise yoga as it was originally practised: as a personal, unique experience for your mind and body.

So get in touch today and let me know what you’d like some help with.

These sessions are also very beneficial in groups of 2 or 3.

£50 per 1-hour class / £130 for a course of three 1-hour sessions


Whether you want to organise a session as part of a celebration (birthday, hen-do, family gathering…) or you are organising activities for visiting students (Summer school, international student visits…), then drop me a line and I will tailor a solution for you. Price will depend on location, venue, number of participants, duration, and equipment needed.

Check out what Becky had to say about her very special hen-do yoga session here.

If you’re interested in having a tailored yoga session, please get in touch at or phone/text me on 07872965105.